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Medieval Art and the Look of Silent Film


Medieval Art and the Look of Silent Film, published by the prestigious firm of McFarland Publishers, asserts the hypothesis that art of the Middle-Ages had a direct influence on the costume and set designers of the silent movie, creating an ambiance of the past in both background and wardrobe. While others have discussed certain aspects of design in the Silents, the inspiration for the finished product has been overlooked. 


In turn, the book establishes how these inspirational influences stepped off the screen and into the closets and homes of the populace at large. These influences were not only popularized by the film stars, themselves, but emulated by enthusiastic movie-goers – globally. Using not only illustrations from movies of the period, but also quotes from the designers, critics, and reviewers of the period, the medieval influence will be demonstrated.


Lynne Friedmann

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must-Read for Film Fans

Reviewed in the United States in 2020

We go to the movies to escape. In the early twentieth century, audiences needed such an escape from the horrors and crushing aftermath of World War I. Silent film makers delivered in spades by punctuating their stories with visually stunning costumes and spectacular set designs. Their inspiration? Medieval Art. This authoritative book explores how idealized attributes of the Middle Ages—chivalry, romantic adventure, a code of civilized behavior—resonated with audiences and left its mark on a wide range of iconic films that include “The Birth of a Nation,” “Nosferatu,” and “Metropolis.” The author’s superb research and utterly engaging writing style make this an invaluable book for film lovers.